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Autor: Karol Szczukiewicz

The 3rd annual Clinical Trials in Central & Eastern Europe Forum will take place next week on the 17th-18th April 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

The first day features 2 keynotes sharing the global and industry outlook of clinical trials. This is followed by the perspectives from 5 CEE countries presenting their landscape and differentiators. Experts will raise issues of the latest regulatory initiatives and compliance updates impacting clinical trials in the CEE today. You can expect to hear 7 case studies of best practice as well as how organisations have prepared to implement new regulations.

Day two will focus firmly on ensuring patient issues are addressed including recruitment, retention and management. For the first time we will hear directly from a patient in a joint presentation with an NIHR speaker from the UK. We will also asses the costs and financial planning of trials in the region in the current economy and find out where the future of trials is heading.

This year we have more speakers than previous years with over 30+ already confirmed and with more still in the pipeline. Here's a brief list of the highlights:

The 2018 Highlights Include:

  1. 7 Industry case studies
  2. 3 Keynotes:
    1. Industry: Novo Nordisk
    2. Global: SanaClis & LongTaal
    3. Patient Organisation: EUPATI
  3. Regulatory perspectives from 5 CEE countries
  4. Round Table: Creating new site partnership models
  5. First in the region: Patient & research site best practice
  6. FREE Download! Why are 1000 new trials being registered annually in the CEE?
  7. 2018 CME Accreditation

Clinical Trials in Central & Eastern Europe Forum attracts over 100 professionals from more than 20 countries. Its audience includes international and local pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, CROs, SMOs, investigators and other parties operating or interested in conducting clinical trials in the CEE region.

Among the speaker confirmations

  • Dr Patrick Brossard, Principal Clinical Pharmacologist, Eli Lilly and Company, Switzerland
  • Dr Vladimir Misik, Board Member at SanaClis, Founder & Partner at LongTaal sro
  • Joanna Nagorska, Lead Regional Trial Manager for Europe East, Novo Nordisk, Poland
  • Dr Teresa Brodniewicz, President, Society of Good Clinical Practice in Poland (GCPpl) & Founder and President, MTZ Clinical Research
  • Mr Piotr Drobek, Deputy Director of the Social Education and International Department, GIODO
  • Dr Lucie Kravackova, Chief of Clinical Department, SUKL - State Institute for Drug Control
  • Karolina Szulc, Clinical Operations Manager for Europe East, Novo Nordisk, Poland
  • Dr Beata Cecetkova, Clinical Research Director, TWMA Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
  • Karol Szczukiewicz, Regional Study Manager, Roche, Poland
  • Konstantin Kazulev, BADI (Bulgarian Association of Drug Information)
  • Dr Aneta Sitarska-Haber, Board Member, GCPpl
  • Dr Kamen Doxev, BACR (Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research)
  • Dr Bariş Erdoğan, Head of EEMEA Region, Clinerion Ltd, Turkey
  • Dr Janusz Kabata, CEO, GP4 Research, Poland
  • Gjon Mirdita, VP, Clinical Operations, R&D Solutions, IQVIA
  • Mikhail V. Dvorkin, MD, PhD, Surgical Oncologist & Director of The Centre For International Clinical Trials, Budgetary Healthcare Institution of Omsk Region Clinical Oncology Dispensary, Russia
  • Gorazd B Stokin, MD, PhD, FAAN; Chair - International Clinical Research Centre; Translational Ageing and Neuroscience Program, Centre for Translational Medicine; International Clinical Research Centre, St. Anne’s University Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Leanne Magne, VP, Clinical Operations, R&D Solutions, IQVIA
  • Dr Horea Borogan, Country Manager, Synexus Romania, Romania

You can register online here: http://www.clinicaltrialscee.com/1146MGCPPLren  
VIP Code for a 20% discount: 1146MGCPPL  

If you have any queries, please contact Ms Irina Shakhmuratova,