18 LUTEGO 2022 11:26
Autor: Karol Szczukiewicz

EMA Clinical Trials information system (CTIS) - training courses on system functionaliities

The new EMA Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) was launched on 31 January 2022 and is the new way of submitting clinical trial applications in the EEA and DIA is organising live training courses on behalf of European Medicines Agency. A hands-on approach is taken on explaining and demonstrating all functionalities of the system, such roles and permissions, submission of an initial application as well modifications, how to respond to requests for information etc. Furthermore, how CTIS interacts with other EMA systems such as the XEVMPD, EMA account management and OMS will be explained.

The CTIS will be demonstrated live and the trainer faculty includes colleagues who were involved with CTIS from the beginning, EMA, member states representative and EC.

Dates of upcoming courses are:

  • 01-04 March 2022 | 09 :00-13 :30 CET
  • 05-08 April 2022 | 14 :00 – 18 :30 CEST
  • 10-13 May 2022 | 09 :00-13 :30 CEST
  • 20-23 June 2022 | 14 :00 – 18 :30 CEST

Link to the full programme here:  https://www.diaglobal.org/productfiles/10043197/CTIS_2022_PGM.pdf

More can be found HERE, on EMA and DIA website.